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Child Enrichment CenterPreschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten Readiness, Summer Day Camp
Our goal is to meet the needs of the children in our care on his or her level. We strive to have a safe, nurturing atmosphere and to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Our staff is committed to working with each child to ensure success in the areas of social, emotional, educational, and spiritual development.

Call 270-765-4247 to enroll

Preschool -- Ages 3 and 4State-guided curriculums are the framework for learning and enrichment for our children. Each class has a teacher and an assistant as well as low child-to-adult ratios. Children have fun mastering academic skills, learning Bible stories, practicing social skills, and participating in physical activity through music and play. Preschool education is available daily with or without additional childcare.

Pre-K -- Ages 4 and 5Children in this class have an important year of pre-Kindergarten skill-development including many enrichment activities. The curriculum has been developed with state standards in mind and offers academic skill development as well as social skills and Biblical stories and information. Your child will benefit from having a teacher and an instructional assistant and smaller class sizes.

Kindergarten Readiness -- Age 5This class is designed for children who miss the cut-off date for entry into Kindergarten or have completed a Pre-K program. In this class, children will build upon the skills they have learned in Pre-K. This will ensure they enter Kindergarten with confidence and the ability to "hit the ground running" to meet their educational goals.

Summer Day CampOur summer camp program is offered for nine weeks during the months of June and July for children ages 3-5. Daily we offer a devotional, an organized game, a creative game, a craft, and an additional event, as well as many other free-time activities. Our schedule consists of...

Monday - Life Skills
Tuesday - Board games brought to life
Wednesday - Water games (your child will get wet)
Thursday - "Community Helpers" (service projects)
Friday - Large event (Concerts, science shows, etc.)

*Our staff-to-child ratios are much lower than state standards.

Other Healthy Opportunities We Offer Science Experiments, Field Trips, Indoor and Outdoor play, Arts & Crafts, Music, Dance, Story Time, and nap/quiet time for all-day students
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April Skaggs
April Skaggsis the Director of FCC's Child Enrichment Center. She loves relating to children and their parents and helps us create a positive environment where young people can thrive. She and her husband, Mickie, have two sons, Micah and Isaiah.

Important details 1) Staff are state background checked and are CPR & First Aid Certified.
2) Our Preschool and Summer Day Camp programs operate Monday-Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.