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"Walking Where Jesus Walked" Greg Allen Today we begin a four week series that will take us to the end of our stay in this building. Each week, guest speakers with close ties to First Christian, will help us prepare for the future at our new North Miles campus. Greg Allen is the ideal person to start this series. He has seen amazing results when united believers make themselves available to do God’s work. Greg has been a staff member at Southeast Christian Church for 30 years, serving as student minister, worship leader, and now Southeast’s Oldham Campus pastor. During this time Southeast has grown to one of the largest churches in the country, with a weekend worship attendance of over 20,000 people. Today is a homecoming for Greg. He grew up in Elizabethtown, was a member of First Christian Church, and graduated from Elizabethtown High School in 1979. He and his wife, Laurie, were married in this building in 1984 while it was the home of Severns Valley Baptist Church. They have three daughters—Chelsea, Macie, and Chloe. Bob Russell, retired Senior Minister of Southeast Christian, wrote this about Greg’s ability as a worship leader. “Greg’s character shines through when he leads in a way that few others do because he is genuinely concerned about leading people to God.” (When God Builds a Church) First Christian Church is pleased to welcome Greg home. We look forward to hearing his thoughts about what can happen when people are chosen by God to do a great work.