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"Invest, Invite, Invest"Dale McCamishWeek three of Kingdom Feet marks the return of Dale McCamish to First Christian Church. Dale grew up in Elizabethtown and he’s proud to call First Christian his home church. Currently, Dale is serving in the capacity of Senior Minister at Wilmington Church of Christ in Ohio. While in high school, Dale felt an increasing desire to preach Jesus and that desire has never left him. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University. After graduating, he married Carrie Edlin from E’town, and began to work in full time ministry at both the Glendale Christian Church and here at FCC. During that time, Dale and Carrie brought three beautiful children into the world, two boys and a girl. Dale continued his education while in the ministry attaining his MA in New Testament from Johnson University. He served as the children’s minister here at FCC before the desire to preach began to intensify and caused him to seek a change in his ministry. After seven years on staff at FCC, Dale was called into his Senior Minister position in Wilmington more than three years ago. Dale loves that God’s grace not only grants salvation, but also transforms and teaches us to be like Jesus. It is to this end that Dale continues to preach – that we may be changed by God’s power to look more and more like Jesus. This morning Dale will be speaking from 1 Thessalonians 2:8 from which he’ll challenge us to invest our life into someone else.