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"David the Noble"Stuart JonesYou send a text and wait for a reply. How long before you’re frustrated? If your answer is measured in seconds, you’re at the right place. “David the Noble” is about patience. We try to nose ahead to move up one space as lanes merge in the drive-through line. We move our children up a grade, a league, or an age group to help them get ahead. We maneuver and manipulate to skip rungs on the ladder of success at work. Let’s face it. This is how we are. It’s just not necessarily how we should be. This week we study David’s life when he was the heir apparent. Everyone, including King Saul, knew he was going to be the next king. Saul, fearing that David was going to make this happen sooner rather than later, decided to protect his turf by eliminating David. But Saul was completely wrong. David was a noble man of honor. In 1 Samuel 24 and 26 we find two instances where David could have killed Saul. Who could have blamed David for protecting his life and making the inevitable happen? But David spared Saul’s life and said this: God put your life in my hands today, but I wasn’t willing to lift a finger against God’s anointed. Just as I honored your life today, may God honor my life and rescue me from all trouble. (1 Samuel 26:23-24 MSG) Waiting is hard. Understanding is even harder. But patience honors God. And God honors the patient.