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"David the Sinner"Stuart JonesWhat a great movie this is going to be…drama, lust, love, intrigue, murder and the undoing of a great leader! This is the lust and love story, with a tragic ending, that has inspired so many books and films and even has been played out in real life. It is a story that is about sin, power, deception and selfishness. And who is the leading man? Who is this powerful man of influence? The plot thickens as it turns out that the leading man has done so much in line with the ways and wants of God. But wait. This isn’t some fictional set of characters, it isn’t the latest box office drama…it is a true story. This story of the enormity sin is right there in 2 Samuel 11-12. This is the story of David’s sin and how devastating one moment, one sin can be. It stained the image of David for the rest of his life. It stained his legacy and his family. And it impacted far more lives than just the few present in the initial story. David certainly made a poor and devious choice. He paid a price for his sin, but so did others. Even when David told Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord” that admission was not the end. In 2 Samuel 12 we read that Nathan replied, “The Lord has taken away your sin. You are not going to die. But because by doing this you have shown utter contempt for the Lord, the son born to you will die.” Sin can do that. Sin is always more destructive than it seems.