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"The Uncommon Common"Stuart Jones“I am so bored,” is often a phrase one will hear throughout the course of summer. It’s such a common phrase for children, teens, and adults alike. How is it we can become so bored with our own life? We sometimes look at our lives, and only see what we don’t have. We focus most of our attention on what is missing. Whether it be a brand new iPhone or a bigger house, we seem to always covet something bigger and better. Why is it that we judge our standards by material possessions instead of seeing how truly blessed we are? God is constantly trying to show us that we are more blessed than we could imagine despite the fact that our phones may be outdated or our house may never be big enough by our standards. God desires for us to know that we are blessed with everything we have, because He is the one that gave it. There are seven billion people on this planet and nearly 80%, if not more, of the world’s population is living in poverty. Most of the stuff we complain about are things those 80% would love to have. Finding satisfaction within the gifts that God freely gives us is not boredom, it’s being content.