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leading people closer to Jesus Christ - love God, love people, serve others
At First Christian, we agree that the local church is the hope of the world. The church may be the only organization that exists for people who aren't members yet. And for those who are members -- Christ-followers -- we must continue to grow closer to Jesus -- closer in our walk with Him, and closer in our imitation of Him. All of this adds up to one simple statement that everyone in our church knows:

Lead people closer to Jesus.
It is our mission statement; it is our single purpose; it is our long-and-short-term vision.

And we have a simple, Christ-honoring process to accomplish this vision (which, by the way, everybody in our church can also recite):

Love God, Love People, Serve Others
That's how we accomplish the vision. We love our Heavenly Father and worship Him alone; we build authentic, loving relationships; we use our time and talents to reach out to the world and grow God's family.

This is why we exist.